Do I have to speak to the insurance adjuster of the person who caused the accident?

Absolutely not! You have no legal obligation to speak with the insurance adjuster of the person who caused your injuries and usually it is a bad idea to do so.  The insurance adjuster of the person who caused the accident has no legal obligation to treat you fairly and honestly like your own insurance company does.  At fault insurance company adjusters are trained to pay you the least amount of money they can get you to take to settle your claim.  Do not trust them and do not talk to them before speaking with an attorney.  If you do speak with the wrongful driver’s insurance person, they will probably get you to say something that will make it difficult for a lawyer to take your case if you eventually realize you need an attorney to help you.

If I hire a lawyer to handle my injury case, will I have to file a lawsuit and will I have to have a jury trial?

Absolutely not! First of all, you are the boss of your case, so you get to decide how you want your lawyer to handle your case and whether you want to file a lawsuit or have a jury trial.  Second, we only take legitimate cases where the other person or company is grossly negligent.  If we are willing to take your case and you decide to hire us, the insurance company for the wrongdoer may want to pay you not to file a lawsuit or not to have a jury trial.

Will I have to pay anything up front, or is there any risk I will have to pay anything if I lose?

You will not have to pay us a dime for our time or our expenses for our initial investigation of your case, and there is absolutely no risk to you if, after spending our time and money investigating your case, we believe your case is not likely to be successful and we cannot pursue the matter further.  However, if we believe you have a strong case and you direct us to pursue a claim to recover your losses, you will be expected to pay us back for our expenses and attorneys fees from any recovery we obtain for you. We explain this in more detail in writing when you want to discuss your specific case with us.

Will you answer other questions I have even if I do not decide to file a claim or hire you to be my lawyer?

Absolutely. I will answer your questions at no charge.  I do not charge anything to answer questions a person has before they decide if they even want to hire any lawyer.  Obviously, there are many more issues and questions to discuss with any legal claim than those answered here.  If you just want to talk to me on the phone to ask other questions you have, or if you want to meet us in person, we promise to give you straight, honest answers without putting any pressure on you to make a claim or to hire our firm to help you.