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Actual Statements from Actual Clients

They were so professional and so helpful. It was remarkable the work they put in to even carry on my case. It was amazing, awesome, outstanding. Brad, Brian, Erin, and Sarah put in the time and energy and worked together as a team to put everything together. If I felt like I needed to pray or one of them felt like they needed to pray, we would have a prayer. I would refer them in a heartbeat.


Fellows & Blake were trying to look out for our best interest in this situation. They really went after the truth. They didn’t let up, but they could’ve given up. They were really good at keeping us informed as to what was going on, reaching out, and seeing how we were doing. They were very upfront about how long the process could take.


At the end of the day, I had total confidence in Brian and Brad. I never lost confidence all the way through. They were so honest and straightforward, and they held my hand and walked me all the way through it. They both literally cared about me.


Here comes the cavalry – I had other people tell me that what was going on was wrong, but they weren’t willing to help. I just figured that the system was just going to eat me up like it eats up so many people, and F&B was able to help and got me on a much better path. He was in very close contact with what was going on, very attentive. F&B restored my faith.


These lawyers did awesome on my case because it was very traumatic. And they basically held my hand through the whole process. They answered any questions I had, and I really felt like F&B was there for me. They were there to help me and to protect me from a very horrible situation. One of the things that really made me know I picked the right person is the lawyers’ faith in God. And the fact that every time before I hung up the phone or walked out of the office with him, he always prayed with me.


Christ-honoring. Professional. Tenacious. Working with F&B was a blessing, and I highly recommend. Christian, professional, excellent, experienced, goes the extra mile, trustworthy, honorable advocate, hardworking, personable, and finished the case well.